How to Pin an App to the Screen – Screen Pinning

What do you do when you want to lend someone your phone, maybe a younger family member or friend, to use a particular app. It would be embarrassing to keep looking over their shoulders to be sure they haven’t gone poking else where or posting to your social media accounts.
That’s where Screen pinning comes in.. Screen pinning lets you be generous without giving up your privacy. That is restricting the phone use to just that App you want them to use and not more until the unlock screen code is entered. What this means is that the user will not be able to access any other part of your phone until an unlock code is entered.

This is how you do it

Step 1.  Open Settings
Step 2.  Go to the Security menu
Step 3.  Scroll down towards the bottom and tap on Screen Pinninghow-to_use_screen_pinning_in_android_lollipop_6_pin_an_app
Step 4.  Turn Screen Pinning On
Step 5.  Close Settings
Step 6.  Launch the App you want to pin on screen for the borrower
Step 7.  Tap Overview, the overview button is the button that usually opens your recently used apps.


Step 8.  On the window for the recently used app, which is currently displaying the App you want to pin, there is a Pin icon in the lower right hand corner. Tap the pin, it would pin the app to the screen until an unlock code is entered. The user can do anything with the pinned app but not more.

Congrats! you’ve pinned the screen. Your friend’s access has just been limited to only the open app.

To unpin your screen, tap and hold the Back button, then enter your unlock code.

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